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antonym loft
Location:    Torrance, CA
Size:            170 sq ft
Team:          Hannah Pae, Landscape

Carving out 170 sf from a detached garage and lofting it created double the usuable area to live and work for Antonym founder Monica Chang. The sleeping quarters above is equipped with a projector and drop-down screen and below is Antonym’s office which converts into a flex space where occasionally a yoga mat gets rolled out and a hammock hung up. Repurposed Ikea bed slats are used for the loft guardrail and a DIY wall of modular plywood shelves and cabinets display books and hide clutter. A leftover patch of dirt between the main house and garage became an unexpected opportunity to expand the livable space outside with a climbing wall and lounge area. This project was featured in Dwell and nominated for Dwell’s 2021 Design Awards, Small Spaces Category.

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