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antonym is a collaborative architecture studio driven by the belief that creative friction sparks transformative design.

We take clients on a journey of inquiry to discover the unique story and spirit of each project.

Imbued in our architecture is the play between a framework of discipline and embrace of sponteneity. This dance enables a rich narrative to unfold and allows our projects to evolve unselfconsciously. 

Antonym simply descibes an interdependency between two things, one exists only because the other exists.
We believe good design comes from this relationship when two complementary forces with discrete points of view meet to form an alliance wherein the whole is greater than the individual parts.

Our architecture celebrates our differences. We are energized by creative tension and the electric charge it creates because when harnessed, it makes a bigger impact and drives even greater design.

what we do

Additional Dwelling Units
aka the granny flat 
New Builds
from scratch
adding area to existing space

Interior Design
Exterior Facade
architectural facelift
Landscape Architecture
 outdoor spaces

how we work



We engage in open diaglogue to identify aspirations for the project. Through careful consideration and research, an inspired narrative and vision emerges.



We let 
PLAY guide the ideation process. Our collective knowledge and highly collaborative approach hones in the design and unique plan for each project.



We work alongside a team of engineers, landscape designers, lighting consultants and artisans to deliver the project from documentation through permitting.



We develop close partnerships with our trusted builders, anchored by honest communication and mutual respect, to realize our shared and intended vision.

who we are

antonym is led by architect Monica Chang, a Los Angeles native with over a decade of experience working in architecture and interiors.

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